jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

The Ratas have a very strict diet, which includes that they usually eat natural food, most of them are vegetarians. They avoid alcohol, drugs etc... They used marijuana in the rituals.

The characteristic dreadlocks are a measure of a follower´s wisdom and age. The Rastas don´t believed in cutting the hair.
The lock may also be ssen as a measurement of a person´s time as a Rasta, as a newcomer will not have dreads as impressive as one who had been raised Rasta from birth.
The colors that they used to used are Green, glod, and red which are a tribute to Ethiopia. The Rastas usually listen to reggae music but they also like the African music.
The Rastafari movement was founded in the 1930´s . In my opinión, I think it will be interesting to follow four a few days this movement and try to understand they.

Well, I fninish, I hope you enjoy!!


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  1. I like your blog and what I like more is the photo about the maria jajaja

  2. I found this entry creative, but I think you have made a mistake about them avoiding drugs ! Hahaha.

  3. Yes, it is true there are a few ones that used marijuana, and if they used them is for rituals.Wewewewewewew.

  4. We don´t agree with you in some things 'cause they don't use only marijuana for rituals...
    Also you said that it would be interesting to follow for a few days this "movement" but personally it isn´t just a movement if not a way of life.

  5. Yes they used for it, there is a video in which shows this, they uses it like a ritual, becouse for them marijuana means something, they don´t uses it like the rest of the people, only to get drug.
    The rastafari movement is a movement, ir a religion, a movement that strats in 1930, and I still saying that it would be interesting to follow, becouse many people only saw them by the used of marijuana, and I think it would be ok to be with day and try to understand they, that´s my opinion.