jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

The Ratas have a very strict diet, which includes that they usually eat natural food, most of them are vegetarians. They avoid alcohol, drugs etc... They used marijuana in the rituals.

The characteristic dreadlocks are a measure of a follower´s wisdom and age. The Rastas don´t believed in cutting the hair.
The lock may also be ssen as a measurement of a person´s time as a Rasta, as a newcomer will not have dreads as impressive as one who had been raised Rasta from birth.
The colors that they used to used are Green, glod, and red which are a tribute to Ethiopia. The Rastas usually listen to reggae music but they also like the African music.
The Rastafari movement was founded in the 1930´s . In my opinión, I think it will be interesting to follow four a few days this movement and try to understand they.

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martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

The Rastas haven´t got any specific place, they considers his own body to be the temple in which he workships.
But also, Jamaica is the most important place. That honor would likely go to Ethiopia, the home of Selassie, in which the Rastas wants, aspire, to return.
The Rastas believe taht Ethiopia is where Paradise will be created.
For Rastas, Heaven is not a place that you go, when yo die, is a place that is going to be created in Ethiopiam and death, is not the Price of admission.


The second important figure is,

Marcus Garvey:

He promoted the idea to Africans that they should re-take the control over Africa from European colonialism.

He is another very important figure of the Rasta movementm, although he did not follow that movement.

His teachings and writings support de Rastafari movement.

He was consideres a Rastafari prophet after the coronation of Selassie when Africa was controlled by the whites.

Now, i´m going to talk about some important figures in the Rasta movement.
The first is,
Emperor Haile Selassie I:
One of the most famous figure in the Rastafari movement is the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I.
He is very famouse becouse he spread peace and understanding through the people. The Rasta people believe that he would lead them to Paradise.
He died in 1975, but the people still believed that hi would return and lead his people.


viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013


This movement was founded in Jamaica, in where the most of the habitants where African Slaves.
The Rastas move to proclaime and return to the African culture. But then, this movement became stronger, and began to defend the rights of Jamaicans, ang also against the corruption by the Western culture.
The Rastas are best.known by the use of marijuana, and their rituals.
There is a ritual of Rastas, thas shows you the different stapes that it has and wht it reaaly means:

The Rastafari Movement.

The Rasta Culture is much more tan marijuana, Jamaica and reggae music, it has a lot of history behind.

What is Rastafari?

Rastafari, is not only a movement for many people is a religión, for they it has a spiritual meaning. It is a very little bit similar withy Christian, becouse the rastafari movement is very spiritual.



martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

My blog.

My name is María Calvo, I have create this blog to talk about The Rastafari Movement. I think it is a very interest issue to talk about, becouse, we know a lot of it but not all, so i´m going  to tak about, how it appeared, important figures ect...
I´ll hope you enjoy!
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